Key applications

  • Join pipes or systems in industrial environments to absorb thermal expansion, mechanical vibrations in pipe-work while containing system pressure.
  • Allow for thermal expansion and contraction in X, Y and Z directions.
  • Conduct various fluids: oil, gas, steam, air, exhaust gases, chemicals and water.

Industries served


  • Refineries: fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) unit flue gas lines and heat exchangers.
  • Fossil power plants.
  • Chemical plants.
  • Cryogenic applications (incl LNG, LPG)
  • Gas distribution.

Energy intensive:

  • Pulp and paper mills.
  • Cement plants.
  • Steel mills.
  • Desalination plants.

Key types

  • Thin wall metallic bellows expansion joints.
  • Single axial, universal, hinged, gimbal, elbow pressure balanced, in-line pressure balanced, external pressurized and rectangular.
  • Various features: single ply or multi-ply, leak testable multi-ply, equalizing rings, pantographic links, vapor seals, electric trace heating, purge connections etc.
  • Standard diameters: from 40mm (1.6 in) up to 4 meters (13 ft); special applications up to 15m nominal size.
    Pressure: from full vacuum (FV) to 150 bar (150 atm).
  • Temperature: from -196˚C to +900˚C (-385˚F to 1650˚F)

Thick Wall Bellows (Hydro-formed / Pressed Halves):

  • 4 mm to 12 mm
  • 75 NB to 2095 NB
  • special designs, U and omega shapes, are also available.

Key standards

  • EJMA (Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association)
  • ASME Appendix B26 (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
  • CODAP (Component Operational Experience, Degradation and Ageing Programme, from OECD)
  • Cryogenic applications (incl LNG, LPG)
  • BS 6129 (British Standard)
  • STOOMWEZEN (Netherlands standard)
  • PED 97/23/EC (European Pressure Equipment Directive)
  • ADM B13 (AD-Merkblätter – German standard harmonized with PED)
  • BS 5500 and BS EN 13445 (British Standards harmonized with PED)
  • UOP Specifications
  • AREVA Certified Supplier


  • 50 ND to 4000 ND (DN50 to DN4000)


  • Specialty materials: Inconel 600, 625 and 625 LCF, Incoloy 800H and 825, Monel 400, URANUS, Cr/Mo/V, Titanium, Hastelloy C-276 and B3.
  • High grade carbon steel (for thick wall type designs).

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