Manufacturing Manager needed.


(1) Manage company’s lean production processes and machine operations (i.e. Cold Forming, Hot Forming and Hydro Forming) to produce various type of High Grade Special Steel fittings as per American Society of Mechanical Engineers and American National Standards Institute B16.9 standards for the subsea, offshore, marine, chemical plant and nuclear industries;

(2) Supervise the maintenance of specialized machinery (Hansum Forming Machine 200T EF – 6 – 2 ½” – 6”, Hydroforming Press YS LT 150) and address defects to meet strict American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards and ensure production and quality/quantity goals are met;

(3) Train and update our employees on programs to improve overall production and supply chain and inventory management; and

(4) Lead the implementation of the Enterprise Resource Planning system to manage production, supply chain and operations.

Must have Bachelors Degree in Industrial Engineering, Business Administration or Management and 2 Year experience in job or as Plant Manager or Industrial Engineer.

Put job code EZ001 on Resume and mail to Ezeflow USA/Flowline Division, Helmut Kraus-HR Director, 1400 New Butler RD, New Castle, PA 16101